6 Money-Making Ideas for the Entire Family

I am very fortunate to have parents who know the immeasurable value in teaching children at a young age to work hard and to earn what they want. I once wanted a very expensive baby doll, and my parents agreed that they would pay half if I would earn the other half.  At the age of seven, with a burning desire for that new doll, I would have done just about anything. My parents had me pick cherry tomatoes in the backyard for $.10 each tomato. Little did they know this was such an enjoyable job for me! I not only learned how to work, but I also learned how tomatoes should look before they get picked.  Come Christmas, I was $1 short on my half of the bargain, but my parents, seeing I had learned my lesson, got me that doll for Christmas. I still remember the joy I had running up and down the hallway with that baby in tow, knowing I had done my part. That doll’s name is Jennifer, and she is a treasured reminder of the precious gift of hard work.

Teaching children to work is a priceless gift, not a punishment. I am grateful beyond words that my parents knew and taught the principle of working hard to earn what you want as it’s come to my aid in massive ways. The entitlement mentality that many live by is robbing them of the joy and contentment that hard work brings.

I understand that not everyone has the luxury of paying his or her children to do chores around the house (especially when their “toys” start becoming more expensive). This is absolutely not the only method of teaching your children to work for what they want. The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas to get you started:

Garage/yard sale – Have them contribute some of their own items, help price items or set out the items on the day of, or hold signs to point people to your sale.

Bake sale – Have them help you measure or package or advertise. You could even add these baked goods to the list of items to sell at your garage sale! (Tip: I suggest incorporating popcorn: most people love it, and it’s so cheap when made from scratch!)

Lemonade/hot chocolate stand – I was so excited as an 8 year old to make $10 from this! I don’t remember having much help from my parents on this one, but I probably did! I’m sure it depends on your children’s ages.

Neighborhood car wash (or at a business)This is a great time to teach them how to wash a car, and most people are just so impressed that kids are learning to work that they don’t notice that their tires aren’t perfectly cleaned.

Candy bar selling door to door – This was my JAM! If you don’t have a Costco or Sam’s membership, ask a friend who does have a membership to buy a couple boxes of chocolate candy bars for you and head on out to sell those babies! By the way, the younger children can do really well with this if you’ll but teach them to do the asking!

Taco/Burger/sandwich stand – I would opt for an easy lemonade stand, but with all these food trucks becoming the rage, I say why not give it a try?! You may have a chef in the making!

Not all of these will work for every family, (and I tried to stick to only family-oriented ideas, not individual “fundraising” like card marking, lawn mowing, etc.), but I’m certain that if you’re committed to teaching your children to work, you’ll find a way to show them how to earn money. These ideas may not be your ideal way of teaching them or your ideal way of making some extra income, but maybe it will be the start of something beneficial for your family.

How about you? What are some ways you’ve tried to teach your children to work? Are there any ideas you could add to the list?

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Quote: Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. —Chinese proverb

7 Super Helpful Christian Marriage Resources

Marriage. It’s just so wonderful! I can’t imagine life without my loving, godly, brilliant, generous husband. God knew Jesse was and is everything I could ever want or need.

As my husband and I have tried to reach out to other couples in times of need (physically, spiritually, maritally), I’ve realized how blessed I truly am. We’ve seen marriages in shambles, torn apart by alcohol, drugs, or just plan selfishness. Thinking about my husband and how good he is to me (and I recommend you think of your spouse and why you’re thankful regularly!) makes me wish everyone had this amazing gift of marriage. What a gift it truly is!

Now I know marriage is not for everyone. The Bible even says so. However, for the ones who have chosen marriage but haven’t seen the goodness of it as I’m referring to, my heart hurts for them because God has designed it to be awesome.

I’m certainly nowhere close to perfect, and I can’t boast of having a perfect marriage. I’m learning and growing, and so is my husband. He is so patient with me, and God is so merciful. I’m sharing these resources because I believe they can revolutionize a marriage if just one spouse will read or listen and apply the principles (and especially if both spouses will read it and attempt to apply what they read to their lives).

Yes, I typically stick to the topic of saving money. But if you think about it, preventative maintenance for your marriage does save you money. It’s usually cheaper than counseling, than alimony, than trying to live separate lives…. Think of these resources as the investments they truly are.

Love and Respect – Men are created to need respect, just as women are designed to crave love. Have you ever gotten into the crazy cycle? It’s like this: without respect, he responds in an unloving way. And so without love, she responds disrespectfully, causing him to respond unlovingly. And the craziness continues! Simple concept, yet applying it is not always easy.

His Needs, Her Needs (which is actually similar, in my opinion, to Becoming Your Spouse’s Better Half, JFYI; I just prefer the writing style of Harley) – Although we would not admit it, we subconsciously enter marriage thinking our spouses will magically know and meet all our needs. And then we forget that our spouses have needs we don’t naturally know and meet. Why are we so quick to blame and feel so wronged when our needs aren’t being met, yet so slow to consider whether or not we are meeting our spouse’s needs?

The Five Love Languages – As individuals we all receive love in different ways. You may feel unloved because your husband never buys you anything – if your love language is receiving gifts. But maybe his language is spending time together; he may think he’s showing you immense love because he’s always spending time with you, but if your language is receiving gifts, his time doesn’t mean as much to you as it does to him. Quite a fascinating concept. Do you know your spouse’s language of love?

For Men OnlyFor Women Only – The facts and statistics speak for themselves. These authors truly put great time and effort into this survey-filled book, giving you a window into the typical mind of the opposite gender. Did you know men are created visual? Yep, it’s a fact. About 75%-80% of men are visual. I’m thankful my husband read For Men Only and that he can confidently say when I’m crying and don’t know why, “It’s okay. You’re a woman. Sometimes you need a good cry…for no reason at all.”

Intended for Pleasure – I won’t go into this much except to say that if you’re married, you should read this, no matter what stage of marriage you’re in (and probably especially if you’re a woman).

gabrielruhl.com is an fantastic website with marriage lessons you can listen to. He daily helps marriages of people who don’t even know some basic marriage principles, and he does so passionately. Many arguments have never come to fruition because of these inspiring lessons.

Dr. James Dobson’s…anything on marriage! I love his insights. He’s a Christian, a physiologist, a husband, a father, a writer, and the list I’m sure could go on. He has an app for you to easily listen to while you clean or exercise or travel. I could listen to his thought-provoking material all day!

What about you? Have you read or listened to any of these? What are some books that have definitely enhanced your marriage or relationships?

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20 Items to Remember to Budget!

Ever built a budget for the month and realized later that you forgot about something so obvious? Been there! If you’re like me, you had an extensive meeting with your spouse to make sure every detail was cared for, but yet something came up that you probably should’ve expected and should’ve discussed in that “extensive meeting” and just didn’t.

Well here’s a list of basic things to be sure to add to your budget so you can build your best budget possible. It works for our family of 2, but I think it will be a decent guideline for any size of family (food is still food and bills are still bills, right?). I’ll start with the obvious and move to the less common.

Side note 1: we use a free app called Every Dollar for our budget, and we love it!!

Side note 2: get out your calendar for the month so you have an idea of the extra items like birthdays you’ll be spending money on!

Side note 3: for extra tips on saving money on your bills, check this out!

Here we go! (and if you use Every Dollar, you can choose to have your budget copied from last month, create an entirely new one, or edit your last month’s budget for the coming month…so no need to remember these items each time!)

1. Mortgage/rent

2. Food – groceries and restaurants (will you be having company at all this month?)

3. Gasoline

4. Electricity/gas

5. Water/garbage

6. Phone bill

7. Car insurance

8. Car maintenance/savings for car maintenance

9. Clothing – dry cleaning or needed items

10. Entertainment (Don’t forget your friends asked you to go to that show with them!)

11. Gifts (Whose birthday or baby shower is coming up?)

12. Emergency fund (for a flat tire, sudden death in the family, etc; $1,000 is a good goal for this!)

13. Savings

  • Short term funds (for things like computers and vacations that need more than one month’s budget to purchase)
  • Long term savings (for a house, a new car, bigger emergencies; Dave Ramsey suggest saving 3-6 months worth of income for the bigger unexpected things)
  • Retirement (don’t rely only on the government, please!)

14. Life insurance

15. Health/health insurance

16. Travel

17. Home maintenance

18. Homeowners/Renters insurance

19. Education

20. Miscellaneous

Bet you didn’t think the list could be so long for “basics!” Let me know if I missed something!

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Join Me for (My Version of) a No Sugar Challenge!

I did this version of a no sugar challenge for a month with a friend, and I just loved the results. I felt better. I had plenty of energy (despite not having coffee!). I lost 5 pounds. I kept off the weight easily after going back to sugar (and I didn’t go back “heavily” but wasn’t necessarily careful either). It was an all-around great challenge for me.

This challenge is coming up again for me, come January 10! If you’d like to join me, I’d be more than happy to have the accountability, and I think you’d enjoy the results like I did, even if you don’t lose weight.

Potential perks:

Having more energy


Losing weight

Saving money

Learning to tell yourself no

Having the decision made before the temptation comes (“Do you want to go get ice cream?” Nope)

So below is the list, and I tried to be as specific as possible so as not to leave any questions about this challenge. Fruit and honey is okay, but even those should be in moderation. Here are the no-nos:

No candy or chocolate

No brownies or cookies

No cake, cupcakes, donuts, or muffins

No pastries

No Little Debbie Snacks

No ice cream or milkshakes or frozen yogurt

(Need I say more about no desserts?)

No sodas

No sweet tea

No flavored creamer

No sugary cereal

No chocolate milk

No hot chocolate

Basically nothing with “sugar added” and none of those nasty sugar substitutes.

Of course, these are just guidelines for a 30 day no sugar challenge. Accountability is such a motivator, so this is primarily to help give a guideline and know that you’re not alone as you take the challenge. So adapt this to be stricter…or not as strict as I’ve laid out and have fun going sugar free!

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Our Story

Meet Jesse. He’s my husband, and he’s AMAZING!!! God never ceases to amaze me in His goodness or His omniscience (among many other things).

Jesse and I met in college and were privileged to work on the same staff together after college. We had mutual friends and got to hang out and get to know each other quite a bit before we ever started dating.

In God’s goodness, He healed me from a broken heart from a previous relationship, and in God’s omniscience, He knew I would not only take some time for healing but that I would also need someone who would simply be my friend and be there for me whether I asked for it or not. Jesse unquestionably was that friend.

After some chasing and some flirting and some more chasing, Jesse and I started dating in the summer of 2013. Our first date was Fourth of July, and it was a BLAST! I hadn’t laughed that hard in…who knows how long!

My guard was up, to say the least. I loved spending time with Jesse, and I knew he had zero intentions of hurting me. Ever. But my guard was up nonetheless. I wasn’t going down that road again. One day after we left hanging out with friends, Jesse decided it was time for me to know something: he wasn’t going away. I was behind a locked gate (according to the picture he drew for me), and he was standing outside the door, patiently waiting. There was no rush to open the door. No rush to do anything I didn’t want to do. But he was there, waiting. And he would be there when I was ready to open the door. He wasn’t going away. (Was that a dare? I’m sick, I know…)

When I was about to go home for Christmas, Jesse gave me something I’d always wanted: a free-standing mirror… and then he told me he loved me! I did some serious praying in Texas while Jesse and I were apart. I knew I couldn’t be wrong again. My heart couldn’t handle it. But God – as He always does – gave me direction and peace. He gave me a verse that basically said “trust and obey.” And so when I returned to California, I happily  said, “I love you back.”

We continued to get to know each other more seriously, going on fun dates like riding the Metro to visit Chinatown, adoring the beautiful El Matador Beach, and fine dining at Denny’s.

One particular Memorial Day, we both had the day off, and Jesse said that we could go hiking (that’s my JAM!) and that I could invite a friend or two if I wanted. I picked the place and packed some snacks, and we were off. Oh, and I brought some clothes to change in to for dinner because I know Jesse likes to eat at nice places (that’s his jam!). So after getting to the famous bridge (of The Bridge to Nowhere) and enjoying some waterfalls and some rest, we were starting the 5 mile hike back when Jesse stopped me on the bridge to tell me how much he loved me. And to be honest, it took a little while for me to realize he was actually proposing, considering the whole day was “my” idea (which is what he wanted me to think!). Needless to say, he totally caught me off guard, and that’s all I wanted.

We were married about a year after we started dating, thanks to an amazing mom and sister-in-law who took care of all the details in under 3 months!

The rest is history in the making, and we thank God for the journey He’s put us on together.

Photography that is not my own (first and last picture) is by Autum Vaught Photography.