6 Money-Saving Ways to Avoid Buying Paper Towels

paper-towelsSo we’re on this “no spending kick,” (and that term is so loose!) and I’m loving it! It’s so fun to find creative ways of doing things. Not always easy. But fun.

And those paper towels add up!! And then if you don’t know what brand is best for your budget, the “experimenting” can really do some damage. You either spend a lot of money buying the nice brand that gets the job done, or spend less money buying the cheap brand and using more of it. Of course, this will be especially helpful for bigger families. If you have a small family and a Costco membership, you can probably get away with buying 1 or 2 bulk paper towel items a year for a total of $16 or $32 a year. That’s nice. Not everyone has a need for a Costco membership (ours was an anniversary gift from friends or we might not have it) and not everyone has space to store all that goodness! And did I mention that we are trying not to spend any extra money? Yeah, we are. I haven’t bought paper towels in months, and we are doing just fine (promise). Alas, I’ve found these ways to avoid buying paper towels, starting with the obvious and moving to the inventive:

1. Clean up spills with rags that you can throw in the wash. It will cost you less in the long run. Of course if applicable, teach your kids to do this as well.

2. Do your house cleaning with rags. You may think you need paper towels to clean, but you don’t.

3. Make homemade paper towels (not really made out of paper). This lady has some awesome hacks, and there’s no sowing machine necessary! Check it out here.

4. Pack napkins or homemade, reusable linen napkins for taking in lunches or to picnics.

5. Use newspaper (not ads) to wash your windows and mirrors. They are lint free and so durable! I first learned this trick when someone told me that this is the best way to clean car windows. Be sure to use newspaper and not ads. I’ve never had the newspaper color come off onto the mirrors or windows; however, I don’t recommend using them on counters as the colors may bleed onto it (as I’ve experienced).

6. Use coffee filters! They are already strong and absorbent because they have to hold hot water and coffee! We use an amazing French press (yes, we are coffee snobs). And so I repurposed these old coffee filters to wipe windows, mirrors, and counters, usually using 2 or 3 filters for each task. Coming in at a whopping $1.82 for 200, they are quite a deal. And they have lasted so much longer than paper towels would have. And I can’t remember the last time I bought coffee filters (years, really, and I think someone gave them to me), so I really haven’t spent anything on them.

Although it might not seem like it adds up, every little bit counts! And if you’re trying to boost your savings or just trying to make budget cuts, why not give this a try? Let me me know how it goes or if you have any other suggestions for not buying paper towels!

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