One ingredient natural eye make-up remover 

Have you heard of all the different ways to detox? Last week I did a kick off to detox. Check it out here

As I slowly begin to implement safe ways to detox, I found that this simple trick is not only inexpensive for a natural replacement but is also extremely simple. Are you ready for it?

Coconut oil for eye make-up remover!! Simple, right? Be sure to use organic coconut oil (preferably not from the Dollar Store – I don’t think you should trust too many things from there) so that you are all clear of those nasty toxins, and that one ingredient is all you need! Not only that, but it leaves your eyes moisturized all night long. 

At $4 a jar and probably only needing a teaspoon or less a day, trust me, this is a steal!

Here’s how I do it: I simply put some water on my mascara to try to get as much of it off with just water as I possibly can, and then I take a cotton ball (or a half of one) or a cotton round and swipe it around the edges of the coconut oil jar and wipe it over one set of eye lashes, then turn the cotton ball around to get the other side oiled, then do the other eye. And the residue that’s left stays on and can stay there all night, moisturizing my eyes and eye lashes while I sleep!

And for those who use waterproof mascara, it still works! Check out this post of a skeptical girl who decided to settle it once and for all. In case you’re wondering, I recently switched over to this natural mascara that is only $7-8, and I love it!  

And here’s the coconut oil I use. 

And I use an old Aldi coconut oil jar to keep some in my bathroom and the big container in my kitchen. 

So how about it? Ready to take the plunge and get rid of just one product and replace it with something you may already have on hand? It’s worth it!

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