One trick to save you time, energy, and money

Isn’t it amazing how busy life gets? What’s more, we feel like we don’t even have time for basic things like eating right and washing our hair. You might be thinking right now that I’m gross or maybe a little messed up. Both could be true, but stay with me…
Did you know that it’s actually good for your hair to not be stripped of its natural oils, as commercial shampoos do? It’s true!! Shampoo acts as a detergent, robbing your hair of the oils that help keep it healthy, shiny, and growing. I’ve known this since I was a teen, but necessity brought me to the implementation of it. #collegelife… More on that another time. 

So if you’re trying to save money and/or save time and wash your hair less frequently, you definitely should keep dry shampoo on hand, especially if you’re in the beginning stages of “training” your hair for going longer between washes. If you’re an athlete, a busy mom, or just needing to create some more time in your day, you need dry shampoo! My hair is on the long side; I just can’t imagine washing and drying and styling my hair multiple times a week! 

You should also know that store bought dry shampoo isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Besides the price adding up, your hair might just look the same afterward, or it looks or feels like all you did was put hairspray on. 
Additionally, did you know that there are harmful chemicals lurking in dry shampoo that will harm you and your hair in the long run? If you read my recent post on what I learned at a BeautyCounter party, you probably could have guessed that. One expert said of dry shampoo, “Liquefied petroleum gas on the other hand does not provide any beauty benefits and merely helps fire the earthy concoction from the cannister.” Read more here.  
What’s more, a lot of dry shampoos have aluminum in them, which has recently been confirmed as a link to Alzheimer’s and/or talc or talcum powder which was recently recalled as it has been proven to cause ovarian cancer.
(This poor woman just won $417 million from a Johnson & Johnson talcum powder case. After taking one look at her, I had to think that $417 million might not mean anything to her at this point. Just tragic.)

So alas, I challenge you to save your money – and quite literally your life – and stick to some safe alternatives for dry shampoo. 

Option for purchase: 

I’ve been using this awesome body/baby powder from IvyTime Naturals, and I love it! However, I don’t know that I’m actually supposed to be using this as a dry shampoo (sh!). It has arrowroot powder, bentonite clay, organic calendula and lavender flowers, and lavender essential oil. 

Option for DIY:

It can be just as cost effective to buy your own materials and have them at the ready. For the same price as buying a bottle of natural product(s), you can buy the materials and make it multiple times (or use for other recipes). And so I began experimenting. 

I don’t think there’s a perfect blend that suits every hair type. Mine works for me because I’m on the blonde side. When my hair was a little darker, I tried adding in cocoa powder, but my husband didn’t care for the scent of “bakery” on me. Do what suits you!

Basic materials for DIY natural dry shampoo:

  • Arrowroot powder – similar to cornstarch but doesn’t contain GMOs
  • Baking soda 
  • Cocoa powder – for darker shades 
  • Essential oils – for scent if desired 
  • Shaker or cosmetic powder container
  • Cosmetic powder brush 

For blondes I suggest mixing 1 part arrowroot and 1 part baking soda. If you’re sensitive to baking soda, just use more arrowroot and less soda. 

For darker shades, I would do the same as above plus a half part cocoa powder and continue adding more as the color begins to suit you. 

Pro tips:

Application: a cosmetic powder container and makeup brush. No white patches!

Placement: starting from your part, go under your top layer a couple inches and work your way up  

Timing: before bed to let the oil get soaked up while you sleep 

That’s it! It’s so simple and quick! Enjoy all your extra time, extra energy, and extra saved money!!! 

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