Faith: my story

Have you ever wondered what makes someone the way they are? Life has a way of giving you the unexpected. It’s funny, we all know (or at least we pretend as if we know) that we should expect the unexpected. That nobody’s life is perfect. That there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter life. Our experiences and environments help mold us into the person we are. Everyone is different, and everyone’s story is different.

My story started in Texas (and what a great place for it to start!). I went to a private Christian school for 13 years, and I loved it! There was a period of my life that lasted a few months that I did not want to go to that school. I had friends leaving to go to public school, and our Christian school was changing to uniforms. Yuck! Those two reasons combined made me question my parents’ decision to keep me in this Christian school. And I questioned this verbally. That was when I was 10, so you’d think that I wouldn’t have that much of an opinion about it, right? Oh, but I did. However, my parents loved me enough to disregard my opinion, despite my pleading. And I’m forever grateful! Going to this Christian school changed my life.

One night when I was 16 years old, I realized that no matter how good I was on my own, no matter how often I went to church or tried to do things for other people, my good could not outweigh my bad. I realized that God is perfect and that my sin separated me from God. Just as dirt would change clean to unclean, my sin in God’s presence would cause Him to cease being holy as the two cannot go together. I realized that the only way for my sins to be forgiven was to accept God’s gift: His Son, Jesus Christ, Who died on the cross to pay for my sin and Whose blood covers my sin. I knew God loved me; I knew He had sent His Son to die on the cross for me; and I knew my sin had consequences. However this night, I finally realized I was trusting in myself (my own sinful self) when Christ had already paid the price for me on the cross. That night I turned to Him and to Him only to be my Savior, and I’m so thankful I did.

If you’ve ever wondered about where you’ll spend eternity, or if God is real, or if He could truly love someone like you, please let me know! I’d love to talk to you about how you can have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. He loves you, my friend. And He would love nothing more than to have a relationship with YOU! That’s why He died for you.

If it hadn’t been for my parents keeping me in Christian school (though they did not always go to church themselves), I would never have this wonderful relationship with the God of the universe, my Creator, my Savior. See, the school started from a church, and the Christian school teachers attended this church and were all encouraged to invite their students to a special day: Anniversary Sunday. A couple of our school teachers came to our home and invited us to church, where we’d enjoy a special speaker and a barbecue dinner with the entire church afterward. My mom decided that we would all go that day. After that one Sunday, we never stopped. And our lives were changed. We had found a place where we were loved and cared for and taught the Word of God. A place to call home. We got to see our school teachers love us and love Jesus during the week… and then again on Sundays. It was truly such a special privilege.

I’m so thankful to this day that my parents kept me in Christian school all my life, and that Pastor Richard Wallace has stayed faithful to the Lord and faithful to reaching people. My life is forever changed for the good.

Again, if you have any questions about having a real relationship with Jesus Christ, please feel free to let me know. You won’t regret it.

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