Essential Oils – from Skeptic to Sold

Although I have not figured out all the tips and tricks for them (but really who has?), I find them so useful that I wonder what I did before I had them! I used to be so skeptical of essential oils, thinking they were just the new rage or someone’s scheme to make some money. Not anymore! I’ve seen and experienced some serious benefits, and I’m a believer!

Am I the only one who used to think that essential oils were overrated? I would see many great uses for essential oils, and then I’d look at the price of one bottle, and think to myself “Are they crazy? Surely this is just a fad.” What made the difference for me was not buying it for myself. (I am entirely too frugal to buy a $30 bottle of oil that I don’t know how to use and don’t feel I have a need for, just to see how I like it or just to see what everyone is talking about. That is just not me.)

What made the difference was a friend. Although the doctors are still uncertain what’s wrong, my friend has changed dramatically in the last year. Maybe one day I can share her story with you. I couldn’t tell you the different oils she’s tried or what specific oils have helped her (nor will I elaborate anymore on this friend than what’s already been stated), but I do know that there is an amount of healing power that is untapped and unknown to much of our modern world through these oils.

My husband bought me some oils for my birthday the year before last, and I got to work figuring out how to make the best return on this investment. I began Googling oils, experimenting, doing some more searching, then some more experimenting, and before I knew it, I was hooked! My husband took a little longer to come around (though putting lavender on his sunburn definitely helped him see the benefits of oils faster!). Disclaimer: we both realize that these are not some magical potion to replace medications or doctors order or anything. 

I’d love to take a class or two on natural health, but so far I’d say I’ve learned the most from Dr. Josh Axe. What a great resource he is for so many people!

On my quest to live frugally, I’m learning that natural health and preventative medicine will save so much money – among other benefits – in the long run. My husband and I have already saved ourselves a couple trips to the doctor, and I’m endeavoring to learn more and to keep that number as low as possible.

This is in no way a comprehensive list, but a few  ways I’ve incorporated some basic oils into our lives are (these all came in my original Starter Kit):

Lavender – allergies, stress relief, sleep aid, gifts

Lemon – cleaning, allergies, mood

Peppermint – allergies, muscle pain relief, headaches, gifts, energy

Because our pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are potent, a normal “dose” for allergies, pain, stress, and sleeping just requires a few drops! And at $.04-$.10 per drop (for the aforementioned oils), we can definitely afford to go natural in this way!

If you’d like to know more about how oils can help you, feel free to let me know. I’m not an expert by any means, but I find great pleasure in helping others find oils that work well for them.

Have you been a skeptic to oils? Thinking about giving them a try? What ways have oils helped you live a more healthy and/or frugal lifestyle?

PS – if you’re in the market for oils, I use Young Living and believe they are some of the best – if not the best – oils out there. If you feel Young Living is right for you as well (and I can help you learn why it might be;), I’d love for you to check out what the Starter Kit can do for you and then let me know if you have any questions. My member number is 3874390.

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4 Reasons I Love Lavender Oil…and How to Use it

Have you ever smelled pure lavender oil? Not the plant, not the stuff that’s in commercial products, and not even cheap lavender oil. Pure therapeutic grade lavender is simply unbeatable.

Of all the essential oils, I think lavender is my favorite right now. It’s helped me immensely in so many different ways – ways I never would’ve imagined before I started using oils. Just know that essential oils work differently for everybody; what works perfectly for one might not work for another, and still for another person, it might only work partially. But hey, there’s no side affects, so try away!
And just a side note to the frugal readers, one bottle of good quality essential oil might look pricey, but 1. essential oils are powerful, so even one drop can do a lot of good! and 2. essential oils can easily replace several other products in your home (some ideas are below) and 3. your health is worth it! I’ve had a 15mL bottle of peppermint for over 6 months, and I have been very generous with it, diffusing it, rubbing it on aches and pains, using it in gifts, letting friends use it for allergies daily, etc., and I still have 25-30% of the bottle left! So a little really does go a long way, and it’s worth the price, I promise!

Here are just a few ways I’ve learned to use lavender:
Burn relief – We went to the beaches of the Dominican Republic last summer and lathered up on sunscreen OFTEN but still got burned. When I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep because of the burn, I put on a few drops of lavender oil, and the burning sensation went away in minutes (or less). No joke. It also worked for my burned, skeptical husband. If I had taken coconut oil with us on the trip, I would’ve mixed the lavender and coconut oil so that it would rub on better. So why do we waste our time with store-bought Aloe Vera gel? (Note: somehow when I burn my hand in the kitchen, lavender doesn’t seem to work the same way. It helps – don’t get me wrong! But it doesn’t seem to take the burn completely away as it does with our sunburns. Maybe because of the location, the lavender gets washed off more easily or maybe the degree of burn is greater…? Just a disclaimer, but again, oils work differently for everyone.)

Sleep relief – Lavender helps my semi-insomniac husband. Once he started letting me put the oil on him instead of just diffusing it, it stared working for him a lot better!

Allergy relief – Lavender, in a blend with peppermint and lemon, is probably the most common way to knock out allergy problems. We had a friend over who couldn’t stop coughing due to allergies; I got out the diffuser with peppermint and lavender (I was out of lemon), and poof! He went from coughing incessantly to stopping almost instantaneously! His conclusion: it’s totally worth it!

Stress relief – General relaxation and reduced stress can absolutely be enjoyed by using lavender. Sometimes I smell it midday, and the peacefulness that comes over me is unreal. Seriously.

Of course, I’ve heard of calming babies with it. I don’t have children, so I can’t vouch for that, nor do I know of the safety tips of using oils on infants. (I do know that we use random unknown chemicals from baby lotions and shampoos and don’t think a thing about it, but somehow the natural stuff gets questioned. I’ll save that for another time.) I think it’s safe to say that if you put some lavender on your chest and hold a crying baby, you won’t regret it!

And please be sure to use 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils!

Now what about you? Have you ever used pure lavender oil before? Have you found lavender to be a nice stress reliever? Do you have some awesome uses for lavender that you don’t mind to share?