DIY Satin Lips Gift Sets for $.91 each

The struggle is real. You know you are friends, but how good of friends are you? Sure, you want to give them something for Christmas, but does your budget want to give them something? You also know that you’ll continue to be friends whether or not gifts are exchanged for Christmas. But that doesn’t answer the question of whether or not you should (i.e. can afford to) give them something for Christmas. The struggle continues.
This year we attempted to do homemade gifts all around. I found this recipe for making homemade Satin Lips, and the price point solved my problem for me!

You can make these gift sets all at once and then have them on hand for last minute gifts (just maybe do a seasonal color ribbon), and the lip balms scents are customizable, so change it up and have some fun with them!

The prices are estimated based on how much of the item I used. Disclaimer: I prefer to read and blog about costs that 1. don’t require any additional buying and 2. that don’t assume you already have these items (because that, of course, changes the cost if you don’t already have it on hand and have to buy it), but there’s sometimes no way around assuming you have some semi-basic household items on hand already. Here’s how I did 15 gifts for my  coworkers and friends for less than $1 each.

One set of plastic cosmetic containers, 50 pieces (I bought these:): $7.75

One package of strawberry Jell-O: $.50

Cocoa powder: $.25 or so

Coconut oil: $1 or so

Sugar: $.20 or so

Coffee grounds: $.50 (if that)

Vaseline (I used generic brand that I had on hand, regular petroleum jelly): $1 or so

Candy canes: $.20

Peppermint oil (I recommend Young living): $2.25

Total: $13.90

Divided by 15 = $.91 each 

Here are the recipes I used:

Mocha lip scrub:

Strawberry lip balm:

Peppermint lip balm (created on my own, adapted from the Jello lip balm recipe above):
Started with 1 to 1 ratio of coconut oil and Vaseline. Ended up using more coconut oil because I don’t care as much for the feel of Vaseline.

20-25 drops of peppermint essential oil (mine is therapeutic grade, so it goes farther than others)

1. Melt the oil and Vaseline together in the microwave or using a double boiler. Let it cool.

2. Add 10-15 drops of peppermint oil to the mixture.

3. Break up candy canes into chunky pieces and place in bottom of container (this is really just for looks).

4. Pour lip balm into containers after mixture has mostly cooled. Take my advice and do this carefully. When these containers are oily/greasy, they are rather difficult to clean!

5. Add another drop of peppermint oil to the top of the lip balm before putting the lid on the containers.

At this point, if you’ve already made the lip scrub and other lip balm, you can pick up with step #6:

6. Use a doubled over piece of tape and tape each container together, stacking one on top of another, to help the containers stay together when you tie them.

7. Measure, cut, and tape ribbon to the bottom of the stacked/taped containers and tie a bow at the top.

I had 5 extra containers of peppermint lip balm, so I gave them out as well, meaning I had more than 15 gifts out of this deal.

I think my favorite part was trying out the mocha lip scrub while I made it. It’s just GREAT, so be sure to make some extra scrub for yourself. You can thank me later. Happy scrubbing and happy crafting!

My free personalized DIY door-hanger

If you are looking for an inexpensive craft, you have found the place!

Okay, so this post in not meant to be a tutorial (sorry, guys!). I just wanted to show you that you can very likely make something cute, using only what you have at home. I had some cardboard from Aldi (I love Aldi!), and I had some burlap (leftover from my beautiful wedding:). I also had some ribbon that came on a gift I was given (why did I keep that? for such a time as this!) and the same goes for the flower (yes, it’s awkwardly placed, but it’s covering up a difficult spot I had :).

Here’s my cost breakdown:

  • Cardboard: free
  • Burlap: free/gift
  • Hot glue sticks: probably $.20
  • Ribbon and embellishment: free/gift
  • Total: the cost of glue sticks and electricity, but for sake of ease, I say “free!”

Hot gluing burlap to cardboard can be BAD. How do you avoid getting burned when the material you’re hot gluing has holes in it (and so the hot glue comes through the holes where you’re trying to glue… it’s just bad). If you can handle some finger burning, this craft is great! (and if you have a better option, please tell me!!) If your last names starts with something easy like “L,” this craft is definitely for you!

I simply cut out the cardboard “J” and started wrapping burlap around the cardboard and gluing along the way to help the burlap stay wrapped around the cardboard. The edges are probably the hardest part. I had to get creative with cutting smaller pieces and stuffing them in to the other layers of burlap in order to cover all the cardboard.

Once it’s all covered to your liking, find some cute ribbon to glue on the back, add some embellishments, and there you have yourself a homemade door hanger, cheap as can be (that is, of course, if you already have burlap or paid very little for it, but it’s not usually an expensive material)!

Best wishes to you as you seek to use what you have in your home to make a happier, more simple life!