12 Ideas for cheap, quick, easy meals

Ever looked at your budget and thought: the only thing that can give is the groceries! There’s just no other wiggle room! Well, the good news is there are plenty of resources to help you cut your budget without making everything from scratch (although that in itself can save you a lot of money!) If you’re not already doing so, going meatless one or two nights a week, is usually a help to your wallet.

Of course, these meals below are not meant to be consumed every single day for the rest of your life. This is just a season. A season for your finances to heal, for your savings to grow, for your bank account to get a fighting chance.

Maybe you’re not quite that desperate to save some money. You can incorporate one or two of these meals into your meal line up to save a little more here and there. If nothing else, you have some easy and quick go-to meals!

Basic carbs:


Rice and beans

Baked potatoes

Mac and cheese

Garlic-Parmesan-Butter noodles

Breakfast for dinner:


Scrambled eggs and toast


Grilled cheese

Peanut butter and jelly




Black Bean

Here’s a meal for 4-5 that cost about $3.50. There was more than what’s pictured too! (I love Aldi!!)

Vegetables: $1

Spaghetti noodles: $1

Sauce: $1.50 (I think I used 1.5 cans; $1 each)