What I Learned from a Beautycounter Party

Have you heard of Beautycounter? Wondered what all the hype is about? I did too, and then my friend started selling it. After hosting a party, I started seeing some things in a new light. Firstly, this video was shocking!

In case you don’t already know, I’ve been skeptical of the “natural trend.” If the FDA or whatever other applicable government entity has to approve a label in order for it to go on a shelf, what should I be worried about? If plenty of others are using these same products without any immediate ill effects, what’s the problem? And besides, doesn’t basically everything cause cancer these days?

While some of these questions don’t have good, solid answers, I think I have some questions and answers below that might help clear some things up – at least they did for me. Not to be a fear monger of any kind, but to hopefully raise awareness about what you’re putting on and in your body, I’ve done just a smidgen of research to get us thinking.

*Disclaimer 1 – I tried to get links to verify each of these “facts,” but some of the legal jargon is unclear to an untrained eye like mine.

*Disclaimer 2 – this is in no way a comprehensive article, nor should you use any of this information to discern any poison or chemical exposure or any medical condition. This is solely informational.

Fact or Fiction: there has not been a regulation passed on cosmetics since 1938.  FACT! (As quoted by Beautycounter)

Fact or Fiction: there have been 80,000 chemicals introduced to the US and an estimated 2,000 more each year.  FACT!

Fact or Fiction: The US Department of Health and Human Services knows the effects of these chemicals on our health. FICTION

Fact or Fiction: Chemicals cannot be absorbed through the skin. Absolutely FICTION!

(Not only can you receive medication through a patch, you can even die from receiving medication through a patch, according to WebMD!)

Fact or Fiction: there are harmful (seriously – harmful!) ingredients lurking in common store bought cosmetics and skin care products. FACT!

Fact or Fiction: Other countries are not as strict as we are about what chemicals we allow. Totally FICTION!

The European Union has banned approximately 1,400 chemicals while the US has only banned a couple dozen of those same chemicals.

Here’s a list of the EU’s regulations in detail…And I recognize the ingredient names from my own products!

Here’s another tidbit of information for you – a Press Release from the Cancer Prevention Coalition dated June 17, 2002, “Cancer and health risk experts just concluded reviews that indicate mainstream cosmetics, and personal hygiene products pose the HIGHEST cancer risk exposure to the general public, even higher than smoking.”

Still not convinced? Check out this article from Medline Plus.  “Ethylene glycol may be swallowed accidentally, or it may be taken deliberately in a suicide attempt or as a substitute for drinking alcohol (ethanol). Ethylene glycol is found in many household products, including:

  • Antifreeze
  • De-icing products
  • Detergents
  • Vehicle brake fluids
  • Industrial solvents
  • Paints
  • Cosmetics

Note: This list may not be all-inclusive”

So let’s recap that last paragraph: the same ingredient that can be swallowed in a suicide attempt, the same ingredient that requires Poison Control if swallowed is the same ingredient that’s also in antifreeze, vehicle brake fluids AND cosmetics and detergents. Wow.

I know, I didn’t stick to my typical topic of frugality, but honestly, taking care of yourself and your health will save you SO MUCH – financially, emotionally, relationally… If you don’t have your health, it can be a long road ahead.

Beautycounter is working in D.C. to get stricter regulations for American cosmetics. You may not be able to read and/or recognize every ingredient on your beauty care labels, so how do you know if what you’re using is safe? How do you know if Beautycounter is safe? You can trust that Beautycounter doesn’t use harmful ingredients. Here’s their “Never List” – a list of 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals that they refuse to put in their products.

If you’re in the market for some AWESOME products that are safe for you and your entire family – including baby –  get in touch with my friend, Jackie. She will hook you up!  (I personally love their charcoal bar and their lip balm!)

In the upcoming weeks, I hope to share some more about living more naturally while being on a budget. Have you tried to do both? What’s your experience been? Until next time!

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